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Our green credentials

Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris joins our fleet


Reduce your carbon footprint with our latest fleet

At Fleet Hire Services we are conscious of the impact of our carbon footprint across our whole company. As a result we are ensuring that our choices are as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • We strive to ensure that our business is as environmentally friendly as it can possibly be
  • We supply our entire site with renewable energy through the use of our own on-site wind turbines.
  • The modern, well insulated building from which we operate minimises our heating requirements, whilst the large windows maximise our use of natural light
  • Fuel efficiency and consideration of our carbon footprint are at the heart of our buying decisions. For example, all Flexit hire vehicles are new or less than 1 year old and are selected to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to reduce their own evironmental impact.


Dual Fuel & 'Eco Friendly' Fleet 

Fleet Hire Services has been a pioneer in offering these vehicles to our customers. As we continue to reduce our own carbon footprint, we also give our customers the chance to reduce theirs too.

Toyota Auris

Renewable Energy

Our Fleet includes the Auris and Prius, two of the most ecologically advanced vehicles on the market. The twin engines in these vehicles guarantee that your drive is the most economical possible. Auris production in Britain has also given it one of the smallest whole life carbon footprints in the UK motor industry.

Sustainable Energy

West Wallasey is proud to announce the launch of its new wind farm, located adjacent to its headquarters. The successful installation of 5, 10kW Evoco wind turbines makes West Wallasey the first company of its kind in the UK to be entirely self sufficient for electricity.