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 Rental guide

All Flexit vehicles may be changed over at defined service limits. Recommendations for general vehicle maintenance are contained in the vehicle handbook.

Lights and Glass

Keep all windows, mirrors, exterior lighting and number plates free from dirt, snow and ice to ensure operational reliability.

Wheels and Tyres

Check the tyre pressures, including the spare wheel, at least every 14 days and prior to a long journey. Tyres should be checked when cold. Please refer to handbook for applicable tyre pressures for each individual vehicle.

Engine Oil and Consumption

 It is normal for every engine to consume some oil. Engine oil consumption cannot be reliably ascertained until the vehicle has covered a substantial mileage. In the running in phase it may be above the specified level. Frequent running at high engine speeds increases oil consumption. For this reason the engine oil level should be checked every 600 miles (1000 km) or before starting a long trip. 


Emergency Breakdown Numbers

RAC Breakdown - Phone 0800 616 300 open 24 hours a day.

Renault Roadside assistance - phone 0800 085 8005 open 24 hours a day

ATS (tyres) - Phone 0800 505 505

National Windscreens - Phone 0151 207 5881


Taking Vehicles Abroad Guide 


To take any of our vehicles abroad the customer must have:

  • Full RAC '5 Star' or equivilent breakdown cover
  • A 'VE103B' form (West Wallasey will supply for £30 recharge)
  • Authorisation from their Fleet Manager to the applicable enhanced hire rate

Vehicles travelling in mainland Europe must carry their original V5 ('registration document'). However, an exception is made for hire vehicles. In substitution, hire vehicles require a 'Vehicle on Hire Certificate' (a VE103B form) which contains the vehicle 's V5 details, along with the name and address of the hirer. This enables the authorities to verify that the person driving the vehicle has permission to do so.

NB. The VE103B is the only legal substitute for the registration document (V5). Photocopies of the V5 or letters of authority are not acceptable.

What happens if a hire vehicle is caught without a VE103B?

The consequences will vary according to the country, the law enforcement agency and even the time of day in which the vehicle was stopped. The driver may be fined or the vehicle may be impounded.

Fleet Hire Service rental abroad only extends to Ireland (North and South), France, Germany and Denmark. The charges will be applied as per the destination of the rental. If any of the steps above are not followed, the vehicle becomes the full responsibility of the company hiring it, not Fleet Hire Services.